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The Jungle Book

It was only a few months ago I went to watch the Jungle Book with my son  at the cinema, which led to a light bulb moment to abandon another Italian summer and book a trip to the jungle!  The idea of monkey forests, rice fields, leafy tropical landscapes and yummy Indonesian food set me on a frenzy to get us vaccinated and prepare a wardrobe of appropriate tie-dye attire!  I booked an idyllic little cottage in a resort overlooking some beautiful rice fields in Ubud.  Inspiration in abundance!

I couldn’t wait to try Batik classes, massages, jungle treks and fresh coconut water!  We were booked to go a couple of weeks after the jungle book moment and were filled with excitement, although a little uncertain about what to expect.  This was definitely an adventure worth waiting to share with my son.  As a little girl I had always dreamed of the jungle and finally at 40 I was heading into the unknown with “the bear necessities”…. (Excuse the pun).

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