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As the Louisiana summer kicks in and the schools break out, the pace slows down. My little man has had an incredible first week at a wonderful arts and sports summer camp. He’s been swimming twice a day, singing, dancing, made new friends and is blooming bright like a sunflower.

I am painting, writing and spending time in beautiful open spaces. I am feeling grateful to the universe for bringing me to this wonderful place, where hearts are true and full of love.

The older I grow and heal, the more I feel a calling to work with children. I am looking inwards and also researching to see where this calling may lead and how I can make a difference. All children should be bright sunflowers blooming in the sunshine. All children should be taught self love as part of their education. Children are not objects nor are they possessions.

I made a vow to my son before he was born that he would always have a voice, he would always be valued, empowered, loved and protected.

Without vision and belief bumble bees wouldn’t be able to fly with those tiny wings and giant bodies. Like the Bees, children can achieve anything they put their mind to. They should be empowered to BELIEVE that they too can fly.

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