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Soul Star Gypsy

We are all a little lost and confused in this big world full of expectations. We are all searching for answers to help heal our broken bits or put us on the right path. Meditation, prayer, healing, diet, yoga…. Where do we turn? I have been on my spiritual path for several years, rather reluctantly at first; let’s just say it was quite a big wake up call, but the further I have come the more embracing I have felt of it. It is part of me, my core, my heart and my soul.  I spent years fighting who I was; my heritage, my soul. I am half wild and half woman. What made no sense before now resonates deeply inside. I am not following a teaching or becoming a vegan; I am simply starting to listen to myself and ever so slowly trusting my voice. It takes time, pain and practise. My gypsy blood can slowly start to run free. In small steps I am walking down my path and feeling that whatever is meant to come will. I try each day push away the fear with a sense of purpose and will. My guides are speaking to me and I am starting to listen.  Soul Star Gypsy you are coming home.

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