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Small Steps

I think there are plenty of wonderful stylish bloggers out there that share what is on trend, how to wear it, and then add their sometimes brilliant takes on fashion.

My blog is a little different. As much as I love clothes, interiors, art and style I think nothing ever feels or looks good unless the wearer is happy. We can be wearing head to toe designer or couture but how do we feel wearing it? What is within our comfort zone and what pushes it. Do we use clothes and makeup as a mask or a reflection of how we are feeling? I think you know what I mean deep down.

bp-small-steps-quoteWe have all experienced days that nothing we wear looks or feel right or days where whatever we wear simply feels wonderful and we get a lot of admiration and compliments.  That’s because it all happens within rather than out. Concealing an unhappy soul in a designer brand doesn’t make it any happier. Trying to squeeze into a dress a size smaller does not empower us. We are constantly battling, multi-tasking, dieting, social media-ating while meditating, online dating, worry about six packs and booties, cheat days and cheat meals… It’s endless! No wonder we are confused! Our expectations of ourselves are sky high and exhausting. So what do we do? Where do we start and finish?

Let’s begin again… step by step. Let’s look at what we have, where we want to be and take one small step at a time to design a life we love…

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