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Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could all feel comfortable in our own skin; to finally understand the importance of feeling good on the inside rather than just focussing on the outside; or to simply look in the mirror and not be critical and hard on ourselves; to wear clothes that make us feel happy and free, rather than restricted and feel the need to follow something safe or perhaps not a true representation of ourselves.

We spend so much time and money working on the outside, but to truly feel good we need to work on the inside. Work with our bodies rather than fight them.  Let’s be kind to ourselves. Dress happy and feel good; wake up each day knowing how lovely it is to be in the skin we are in.

We are not meant to be clones, we are different, each one of us an individual. Let’s not fight who we are in a battle to look or be like anyone else. Embrace every aspect of your body and mind; learn to live with your flaws and celebrate your individual beauty, inside and out.

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