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I write this while taking a break from putting together a new women’s ready to wear collection titled “Metamorphosis”.  Some of the fabrics need to be re-dyed as the dyer got a little carried away with the red and didn’t add enough of the black!

For the last few years, following my divorce I too have entered a state of change, an awakening and a new beginning. I don’t think it’s quite over, as transformations don’t stop, but it has been a significant experience; one which has taken me at times into a state of flux.  Metamorphosis, my new collection is about transformation and is fluid with elements of earth and fire resonating through.

A creative soul needs solitude and quiet time to put thought and purpose to its art and to realign itself with the universe, life and its journey.  Sometimes we are so caught up on our day to day busy lives, endless to do lists that time simply flies away. We find that at the end of our 20s, 30s and 40s, we seem to evaluate what we have done and what we want to or still have not achieved. And more often than not we are a little hard on ourselves.

So last year as I marked my 39th birthday, I too started to question where I was going in life.  So I decided to put all my energy, financial resources and passion into designing.   I am not one for excuses nor do I make decisions lightly.  So I stopped partying, swapped clubs for restaurants and dinners for breakfasts.  It’s not easy and can be lonely at times, but I am a happier, healthier, and more grounded person for it.

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