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Under The Live Oak Trees

I have just returned from three glorious weeks in the deep south. New Orleans….

My soul and NOLA (as it is known by the locals), are very old friends.  As soon as I landed I felt home. No map or planning could have taken me to the places I found and the people I met.  It was my heart that led the way.

I arrived not knowing a soul and left with many friends I was sad to leave behind. Those open hearts in NOLA gave me life, armed me with life tools and then added an extra serving of self-belief. The trees fed my soul and my creativity. I fell in love and was completely enchanted by every detail, every character and every house; with something being imprinted in my being forever more.  New Orleans you were not a vacation spot, you were a definitive life changer. You gave me back my paper and paint. And for that I am eternally grateful.

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