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We sometimes have big expectations of ourselves as we say farewell to one year and embark on a new one.  Last year was said to be tumultuous for many.  For me it was a year of spiritual growth and development. It was inspiring, scary and emotional. I set myself free in many ways and as a result I am embracing the New Year with hope and light.  The wise old souls say we have to endure a lot of pain and suffering to evolve into better, happier, and more enlightened versions of ourselves.  It takes an iron will and courage.  I like to think of each step as a new adventure into the unknown. I am trying not to have expectations of myself or others; to take each day as it comes and also to set myself a positive task each day.

At the same time I am letting go of beliefs, ideas and people that no longer serve my greater good.  For me, 2017 isn’t about finding love or gaining wealth, it’s about working on loving who I am and following my higher calling – my soul purpose.

So dear friends I wish you an abundance of happiness, good health, laughter and plenty of love in all forms for this beautiful year ahead.

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