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Forty One Years

This time last year I was a little anxious to be hitting 40 (my 41st birthday is a little later this week)…

I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday, for the first time I could remember.  I wasn’t excited. I felt that I would wake up and everything would somehow be different. I was a little hard on myself in terms of what I had and hadn’t achieved and all the years which had passed.

I hit 40 and breathed a sigh of relief….I didn’t feel different nor did I look it (hilarious perhaps that I thought somehow I would overnight!)  I could continue and keep growing, learning and healing.  Nothing had changed!

At 20, I thought that I would have figured it all out by 30. It’s only now that I can truly say I will never figure anything out.  I am learning so much, my belief system has changed, my views on life and people is constantly growing but mostly I am looking inwards and learning so much about myself.   I am grateful for each day I have on earth and for the love of my son.  I am grateful for this incredible time in the world where anything is possible; where expansion and spiritual growth is encouraged and supported.

I don’t watch the news often, because I won’t allow myself to see only negative in the world, to be fed one dimensional perspectives of fear and hate.  I don’t want to limit myself to seeing bad, when I know there is so much good.

I am grateful for amazing friends, incredible mentors, healers and guides who have come into my life and inspired me.

So, this year I will be celebrating my birthday with lots of chocolate cake, good friends, bad wine, loud music and a lot of love and gratitude.

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