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I was told by a wise old woman at a very young age to use my hands. I thought it was an odd thing to say. But then she explained. “Ranna, to have a happy heart always use your creativity and use your hands, to make, paint, and design a life you love”. This stayed with me for many years before I applied it. Not through choice but circumstance. After my divorce I entered a phase of self-discovery. What did I want, what did I want to change, what had I forgotten and what did I truly love?

So many questions…

I wanted to create something, not simply paint or sew. I wanted to create a life where I could truly be happy. Filled with color, passion and happiness. And for that it meant I had to make a decision and start directing my energy into something. What would I do…

IMG_1085Since moving to Dubai in 2010, I had started to design clothes for myself, then for friends. It was time to add a little structure and make it a business. But I needed inspiration. What could I do which was unique? What would make women whatever shape or size feel special…? How could I encompass my heritage into it, my travels and my moods?

After Sri Lanka, I knew I wanted to use tie-dye. But it was Goa a couple of years later that started me on the road of fashion designing. After looking up at a spectacular night sky in a beautiful resort, it came to me. My first collection, filled with midnight blues, and purple tones. The universe had spoken.

On the plane back to Dubai I picked up a pen and paper, for the first time in years. I started to sketch the first draft of my collection – constellation.

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