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Clothes do not make a man

It’s not easy being divorced, a mother, working full time and trying to follow a calling, a passion and craving something significant. It’s lonely and at the same time wonderful. I don’t want to settle, to compromise and live a life without truly living. Yet at the same time, I look at my son and I know that as much as I want to run free, quit my job and live like the true nomad I am; he needs me to be his rock, his mentor and give him all the love and comfort I never felt as a child. I am trying to be the mother I never had. Turning 40 this year has been significant as I somehow felt that it would be a challenge and hurdle I had to cross before I could think straight again. It’s come and gone. With that I have a sense of purpose. I have come of age. I am directing all this energy, this understanding into becoming the best version of myself that I can be. It isn’t easy, but I am not making excuses. I never had a role model but I want to be one. For a little man who looks at me like maybe I am magic. I want that to last. I don’t want him to see me sad or cry. Failure isn’t an option.

Clothes do not make a man, but they help us with our identity. They can ground us in a strange way and make us feel good. I don’t want to dress up like someone else, nor do I want to feel pressure to buy something which is on trend. I just want to feel like me. I want to wear something effortless. And I want to make you feel the same way too.

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  1. You are such an inspiration to anyone who crosses your path. I love your unique way of thinking and style. I am truly honored to have an amazing friend like you in my life. Love you loads and wish you much success..

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