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There are moments or events that can change us forever. Last April I visited my doctor after a spell of feeling tired, drained and not quite right and told I had to have emergency surgery to remove two large masses which had formed in my ovaries. The Doctor wasn’t sure what they were so I had to wait for the biopsy results. It made me question everything, including my life choices, work and relationships. Life became even more precious.

The biopsy came back clear and I was healthy. But I realized I needed to make some changes and start doing what I truly loved. If I didn’t live my dreams, how could I tell my son to follow his dreams in the future? And for that to happen, I had to to lead by example. I needed to invest in me and focus on what I truly loved – my son and my art.

Fast forward a year, I am in a wonderful country- the USA, in the deep south, with my beautiful boy on a wonderful sabbatical.  After the spending the best summers of my life here alone, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather visit and share with my son. We have been here since December enjoying this beautiful country and embracing this incredible experience together.  I have found him some wonderful tutors in all his subjects and he has been taking karate classes which he loves. We are enjoying this magical country, its wonderful trees, nature, food, music and culture.

And now spring is here and with it comes a huge surge of creativity for me. I haven’t been able to put my paintbrushes down.  I have started to paint with such frenzy. The trees are a beautiful shade of citrus green.

The famous Louisiana Irises have started to bloom and with them my creativity is blooming too. My senses are overwhelmed and excited by the wonderful awakening of spring.

There is so much to still see, paint, and do in this place where my soul feels free, safe and welcome.



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