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A Morning’s Run

It can be quite comical how some things start or how a train of thought can lead us to something. I like to go running to clear my mind and process my thoughts. It’s a form of meditation for me. So early one December morning I went for my usual run and started to think about an upcoming trip to Berlin for a fashion exhibition.


I was wondering what to wear, what I had to have made by my tailor and more importantly worrying about how I was going to keep warm in wintry Berlin and still enjoy wearing tie-dye!

That’s when I had brainwave… I thought about my unused beige pashmina, sitting in my wardrobe. What would happen if I had it tie-dyed – how would it come out and what would happen to the cashmere if it was washed? So I sent it to my dyer the same day and the results were amazing! The shawl was fantastic! I had so many ideas about the endless colors and combinations I could have it dyed in!

All in a morning’s run!


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