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A Day In The Suburbs

On a recent trip to Mumbai I spent a Saturday exploring the suburbs. The suburbs in Mumbai are a little different to what we would usually think of as a suburb. Mumbai has beautiful dairy districts, with countryside reminiscent of Devon, England and little fishing villages which are as pretty as any in a holiday brochure.

Multi-coloured homes sit perched high, away from the sea. Women still wear traditional saris in beautiful colours. Uttan, one hours’ drive away from Mumbai, is an example of a preserved fishing village. Boats in every colour of the rainbow sit moored ready to be sailed for the days catch. Children are out playing with the fishing nets surrounded by lines of salted fish being hung to dry.

What captivated me was the colour everywhere. Energy and life exude from all the homes and boats. Mangos and bananas grow in every corner. Beautiful quilts hang after their weekly wash made of recycled old saris. Nothing is wasted. Everything is visually wonderful.

While in Uttan, a beautiful woman walked past me and I had to stop her and ask for her photo. Her happy soul radiated. Beauty isn’t just youth, flawless skin or gym honed bodies; it’s about the energy that comes out, the story you have to tell, the love that you give and mostly it’s about how much and how hard you demonstrate love in all things.

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